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Sansi Group is established in 1997,headquarter locates in Shanghai. Products and services covering the elevator parts, wind power equip, medical supplies, transport and other fields.

With the development of globalization, Sansi Group has become a large industry and trade group, which is made up of many business division. The main members of the business division include SHANGHAI SANSI ELECTRONIC CO., LTD. ,  SHANGHAI SANSI ELECTRONIC & TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.,  SHANGHAI SANSI WIND POWER EQUIPMENT SALES CENTER, …

Over the years, we uphold the idea of "specialty, success, sharing" to create value, We always uphold the management with integrity, attach importance to the responsibility of the enterprise to the environment, and realize the ecological, economic and social development.

According to the "12th Five-Year PLAN" , We strengthen innovation, formed a Group operating system of research and development,--production—sales.

In the future, Sansi Group continues to Creat NO.1 brand and team.

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